Fleet Management Solutions

Re-defining administration
of the logistics
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"Add speed to your sales, while we add simplicity to your operations"
Key Features
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Real-time vehicle stats

    Track, manage and optimize the performance of every vehicle. Get vehicle tracking to profitability

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Analytical Reports

    Know your monthly performance and way to improve with robust algorithm-driven reports

GST Compliant

    Focus on your business, let us take care of government compliances. Create Invoices to every government reports

Alerts and Notification

    Reduce on your late fee and downtime count. Providing customized reminders ensuring no dates missed

simplicity. technology. analytics.

SaaS Based Application

Get a detailed report on services performed to the health of your assets and timed alerts for the next step


Instant visibility of your vehicle location to driver performance. Take trips which suits you based on data-driven decision making


Get warnings and analytics-driven report to foresee your revenue and expenses, reduce downtime, and increase trips

Owner Advantage

Business on your fingertips and ease of working with an owner-friendly application. Reduce paper-based working and frauds

Fleet Owner Journey
Getting Organized

Providing an edge over others for the beginner to an established player in the industry. In this tech-savvy era, do not rely on pen and paper to run your business instead move to a technologically advanced solution.

Day to Day activity

The vehicles are the most significant assets; you need to keep track of their location, performance, and health. Analyze the best client to the most expensive vendor — the revenue vs. expense graph on your finger-tip.

Running smoothly

We often tend to forget the monthly routine jobs, like loan repayments, scheduled maintenance, renewals, and a lot more. Get timely alerts to be on track. It's time to grow the business.

Government Compliances

The GST compliant accounting to generating GST reports is no more a hassle. Moreover, get every financial to tax reports from a single application.